Thursday, March 10, 2016

Trusted with Much

This verse has been popping up in my mind lately, 
"Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much." [Luke 16:10] 

God has been rewarding my faithfulness in the little things ever since I made the move over 9 months ago [what?] to Texas. In that very short period of time my faithfulness in the little has showered blessings upon my life. Understand though, that my Texas life has not always been gluten/dairy free cupcakes with extra sprinkles just because I am faithful. God will send you something new and exciting but there is a lesson to be learned within that blessing. God has given me lessons in the areas of confidence, self-esteem, patience, prayer, worship, communication, responsibility, grace, and even my personal finances. He's broken me down in order to make me a vulnerable and a willing vessel.

One giant area that I had been praying for but didn't honestly expect God to bless me in was the area of dating. For those in my life you may have heard the story and/or are currently seeing the story that is F&B. Our story is one that has been written by God from the very beginning. Even me being forward and giving Fabian my phone number... that had to have been a nudge from God right? Each moment of our relationship has been and will continue to be Christ centered. We're learning to navigate this road together as a couple rather than individuals. Very soon we will be navigating this journey into marriage!
I am stopped often by God, it's almost like He is pressing the pause button on my life. It's a real life selah moment, for God to show me the bits and pieces of each blessing and for me to see all those pieces as one giant picture. A giant picture that I prayed and believed God for! There is so much rejoicing in my life, in our lives right now that I want the world to know, "God's blessings are on the other side of commitment."
Commit to His plans for your life and not your own.
Commit to being faithful in the little without knowing what the 'much' will be.
Commit to serving Him with excellence wherever He places you.
Commit to an attitude that is willing and able.
Commit to a relentless pursuit of Him.

[engagement photos captured by: Lisa Fotu Photography]

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