Monday, July 13, 2015

18 Things About Texas Learned In 18 Days

I've lived in Texas for 18 days and I've learned a lot. Adjusting to life down here has not been easy by any means. Finding ways to get connected and slowly making a routine for myself has helped tremendously. God still keeps confirming in little ways that this was the right leap of faith! I love that! I made a bold move by moving from Grand Rapids to Fort Worth and a move like that could easily be second guessed. 
No second guessing here, this place is home.
18. Chik-Fil-A is good. But once you have access to it, you really don't want it anymore. Sorry Dad.
17. Put a towel on your drivers seat, especially if you have black leather like me. Ouch, it burns!
16. Whoever designed the highways is either a genius or a little bit psychotic. Additionally...
15. Take the wrong exit and you automatically add an additional 15 minutes to your drive. [I've learned this multiple times.]
14. No matter how hard you try, a little southern drawl will make its way into your accent and you will find yourself saying y'all when appropriate.
13. I manage my time better in Texas. I arrive on time to places rather than running a few minutes late.
12. There is no such thing as an afternoon jog, either go early in the morning or at dusk. Hello heat exhaustion.
11. Everyone doesn't wear cowboy hats, giant belt buckles, and ride horses. However, I did see someone riding a horse on the street the other day. And belt buckles and cowboy hats are a thing but it's not a requirement from a Texas Citizen.
10. Texans are so darn friendly. The accents, the vocabulary, and the overuse of "sir" and "ma'am." I love it!
9. Texas Pride! It's a thing y'all. I love the level of pride and respect that Texans have for their State.
8. The pace in Texas is much slower than back home. I am still adjusting to it and I am not sure if I will ever fully adjust but I am learning to slow down and enjoy life rather than getting from place A to place B as fast as I can.
7. The food here is amazing!
6. It's hot but that doesn't slow anyone down here or keep them inside. That being said...
4. Downtown Fort Worth is breathtaking at night.
3. Chipotle taste better in Texas. Seriously, it's true!
2. Beards are better in Texas.
1. Just go with the flow B, you live in Texas now!

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